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Parking Dream

I rarely remember my dreams but did drift into consciousness this morning with some of last night’s imaginings still on the edges of my awareness.

The scenario was that some friends and I, in several vehicles, were visiting someone in an old people’s home. When we got there, we discovered a huge car park for the place but it was all “pay and display”. The others parked, paid and went in but, not willing to believe that someone could be so crass as to charge to visit the residents, I stayed outside scouring the car park for clues.

I discovered that the car park served a long list of places and, furthermore, that parking for visiting the home was free. Furthermore, when my companions came out, the security staff were more than happy to give them a refund.

Of course, it was all a dream. It seems a less likely scenario in the light of day but at least it was a happy story to wake up on (challenge, quest, resolution).

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