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Jane and I helped with some music last night for an event associated with the e:vent we have been involved in. However, my busy musical day will be tomorrow, when I have three gigs going on:

  1. I will be playing at church tomorrow morning. This is part of the regular service so perhaps it stretches it to call it a gig but I won’t be holding back on dishing up some appropriate basslines.
  2. The Adrian Astor Quintet are doing a slot on the bandstand at Merton Abbey Mills in the early afternoon. There is a recent recording from the Quintet on my MySpace profile to give you a flavour.
  3. In the evening, the ‘Teeth make a return to Croydon Folk and Blues Club.

With a ramble in the countryside this morning (clear weather so far – I hope it holds up for a while!) it looks like it is going to be a tiring but worthwhile weekend!

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