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Small is Beautiful

Buddleja globosa in close-up

Schumacher’s seminal work aside (which I read and enjoyed years ago) I have recently been spending time appreciating the beauty of the small. Specifically, I have been exploring the world of macro photography with renewed vigour.

With the kit lens on my Nikon D40, I could get fairly close to things, certainly enough to make them fill the screen when loaded back onto the computer. However, it wasn’t enough and I had been contemplating ways to get nearer, including eyeing up some relatively expensive lenses.

As the result of my researches, I decided to get an add-on lens (or diopter) that would fit onto my existing “glass”. The advantages of this are that it is a much cheaper solution than a dedicated macro lens (allowing me to buy it without delay and get started) and also that it clips on and off the front of another lens rather than requiring the camera body to be opened up every time I want to take some macro shots.

My choice of equipment was a Raynox DCR-250, which I purchased via eBay from Optik4Digital. I intend to publish a review of the lens in the near future; meanwhile, you can check my growing collection of images tagged Raynox DCR-250 and judge the results for yourself.

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