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Deep to Deep – June 2007

I made it safely to and from yesterday’s Deep to Deep and have the photos to show for it.

I turned up a bit late, due to a traffic jam on the M4, so missed the full introductions at the start. Therefore I won’t risk missing out any of the people there by trying to name them all. However, it was well attended with a few familiar faces and plenty of new people joining in.

We spend a little bit of time playing and looking at a couple of songs before breaking for lunch. Afterwards, we put more time into the traditional occupation of informally chatting and trying out each others gear, including a demo of the Tascam bass trainer and a discussion about the subject of transcribing and learning other people’s basslines.

We also did some learning together, with live lessons on the best way to hold the instrument and the fine art of jamming supplemented by video appearances from Todd Johnson and Norm Stockton (thanks to their respective DVDs).

All in all, a very worthwhile day. My thanks go out to all who attended. In particular, thanks to Les, who drove me part of the journey (keeping my driving time down), to Andy for organising it, and to St Julian’s Baptist Church in Newport for allowing us to use their building.

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