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The Adrian Astor Quintet (note the new MySpace site for the band) is gigging again this Thursday evening at The Crown in Twickenham (on Richmond Road – see map). The horn section want to add a new number to the repertoire – Footprints by Wayne Shorter.

I have the music but not a recording. Fortunately that is no problem; I tried a trick I have used several times in the past and searched for the tune on YouTube. As I hoped, several hits came back and I have now had a chance to hear a couple of Miles Davis versions as well as a very funky arrangement featuring Shorter’s own band and another group giving a mellower take.

Yes, the sound quality is pretty appalling but it is a wonderful way of picking up some inspiration without being tempted to slavishly copy; in other words, to water my jazz roots. If you want to find out how the AAQ version turns out, come along and see us on Thursday evening.

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