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Organic Farming and the Environment

Following up my attempt to distinguish between wheat and barley, I was reminded of a blog post I bookmarked from the Fanatic Cook site back in December, which raised the question “Is organic farming bad for the environment?“.

It is an interesting thought. Organic farming is less efficient than methods that rely heavily on things like pesticides and fertilisers. That can create its own kind of environmental impact because much more ground has to be given over to farming.

However, I suspect that this is a gentler, more quickly healed effect. If we, the human race, can be less wasteful then that could cut down the need for overproduction and limit the scale of the damage. Organic cultivation is also about enriching the environment, providing a more secure home for other species than vast monocultural prairies. And, on a domestic scale, I have no doubt that 100% organic is the way to go.

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