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Under the Influence

Last night’s jazz gig was fantastic. I captured it on minidisk so will get a chance to evaluate the playing the cool light of day but it certainly swung the pub.

Pico is keen to get each of us to list our influences on the new MySpace page for The Adrian Astor Quintet and that has set me thinking. Who are my influences?

I could compose a list of everyone I have ever listened to but that would be tediously long and not very instructive – if you are interested in my recent listening, my Last.FM profile gives a fairly accurate record. Perhaps I should list those I sound like but then, to be frank, that might end up just being me unless I get creative in making the comparisons.

Alternatively, I could do what many musicians seem to opt for and offer a totemic list: players I admire, as if the alleged association will rub off and make me more skilled.

None of those options appeal. I think I want to create a list of people who have had a definable influence on my approach to jazz playing. And that, fortuitously, sounds like an idea for a series of postings I can work up on the blog in the near future!

ps. I will tag them jazz influences if you want to catch the whole series at some point in the future.

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