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New Socks for the New Year

Old Socks

As you can see from the picture above, my weekday socks (blogged about several times last year) have seen better days. In fact, they have reached the point where most of the toes and heels are gaping holes roughly patched with darning upon darning, so I have decided that they are ready to graduate to the school of miscellaneous cloths!

I have had the next set (shown below) lined up and waiting and am beginning the fresh experiment this morning. A set pair of socks for every weekday, spun out as long as I can. For reference, the whole set cost £8.

One thing I noted during 2007 is that the Monday socks seemed to suffer much less than the other days of the week; I will be observing if the same is true this time round. Isn’t science exciting?

New Socks

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