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One of the places I regularly visit on the Internet is the Digital Photography School Forum where I serve as a moderator. As well as learning more about photography myself and encouraging others, I have also been granted the power to edit, move and delete other people’s posts to keep the site safe and friendly and to encourage people observe the rules, like the image size limit (avoiding the site becoming unusable for those with small monitors and slow connections).

The site has grown massively over the year or so it has been running and now has over 10,000 members. That is great and means there is a vast pool of experience to draw on but the change of scale does mean that some sections are struggling. For example, the “Critique my Shot” section has always been popular but now new threads disappear off the front page after an hour or two and so people can end up feeling ignored.

With the other moderators and top posters on the site, we are currently reviewing how it is set up with the hope of maintaining the friendly and helpful atmosphere while allowing for even greater numbers of members. If I make some more short posts to my blog over the next few days, you know it is because I am busy with my (DP)School work!

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