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Wine Review – Fitou L’Exception 2005 Mont Tauch

Following the viognier I wrote up last week, here is the second promised addition to the wine review series:

Fitou L’Exception 2005 Mont Tauch

8 January 2008 by Wulf Forrester-Barker

Rating: 4.5/5

I developed an appreciation for fitou after purchasing a bottle with a voucher I received last Christmas. I have had several more bottles, all of which I have enjoyed, during the year and so decided to explore the taste further in my most recent batch of wines.

It is a dark purple-red with an aroma reminiscent of mushrooms. Drinking it, I found the wine to be dry and almost rough, like a rustic scrumpy; the flavours brought to mind apples, dark cellars and gnarled oak trees.

For all that it sounds like a “peasant wine”, drinking it put me most in mind of medieval kings. I am sure that it would be the perfect accompaniment to a feast of roast suckling pig and other such dishes; as it was, it accompanied lamb and vegetables with noble grace. I might hesitate to serve it to guests who prefer mellower, more refined tastes but I definitely look forward to the second bottle gracing my table.


Majestic say:

This characterful Fitou reveals rich, warming textures. Its lushness and power demands hearty food.

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