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This week’s self portrait for my fiftytwo project also doubles as my entry for the weekly assignment on the Digital Photography School forum. This week the subject is “Your Morning” and the Bible reading planner on my Palm Pilot is the first thing I see most mornings. Not only does it let me manage a reading plan that ensures I regularly cover the whole Bible every year or so but also doesn’t even need me to turn on the light to get started.

The picture was taken using a slow shutter speed and my Vivitar lens zoomed in close. I then applied various post processing tricks to bring out the wake-me-up colours of the light the camera caught.

Two other, vaguely related thoughts. Firstly, readers in the UK need to remember that the clocks change tomorrow morning (so tonight’s recording session with The Pico Brown Five will feel like it ended at 1am when I look back on it tomorrow!). Secondly, the Passion series, which I followed on the BBC’s iPlayer (see under “Drama”) turned out to be every bit as good as the first episode suggested. I could quibble about details but I think it caught the spirit of the narratives and was worthy Easter viewing.

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