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Fiftytwo – Week 33

Bread and Baker - 2

As has become my habit, my Saturday blog post is the latest addition to my fiftytwo project. Earlier this week I wrote about baking and this shot shows another of my bread experiments.

I wanted some bread for Thursday but did not get round to starting the dough until rather late on Wednesday evening. Rather than stay up late I decided to try the idea I remembered reading somewhere of leaving the dough in the fridge overnight for the first rising. The result was the loaf pictured above (topped with tahini and sesame seeds). It came out very well and seemed to have a stronger taste as the result of the long, slow pace at which the yeast had worked on the flour.

I did not have a lot of time to take my self portrait – you can see all the ones I retained on my Flickr site. Even the best shot saw me a bit on the blurry side although the bread was sharply focused. I tried a couple of post processing ideas to make the most of it, both leaning on the idea of a vintage look. I preferred this purple-toned result but also did one that looked like an early colour photo (or hand tinted black and white shot).

By the way, today is another baking day and another chance for experimentation. Today’s investigation is what happens if you mix the dough and then leave it for a while before starting to work it; so far, it is looking good.

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