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Saturday 31 May 2008
by Wulf
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It has been a busy whirl over the past few days – a couple of gigs and a family funeral (sad occasion but a good chance to meet relatives I have not seen for years and therefore, overall, an encouraging … Continue reading

Thursday 29 May 2008
by Wulf
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My Favourite Picture, April 2008

This picture, of Graham playing his Fender Mustang bass at the April Deep to Deep event, is the one I have picked as my monthly favourite. It was a sunny day but we were inside a church hall, so I … Continue reading

Wednesday 28 May 2008
by Wulf
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Writing About Wine

Rob has been musing about ratings and recommendations and writing about wine on The Wine Conversation blog. Having put some thought into my own rating scale and my use of microformats to mark up the review, here is my latest … Continue reading

Tuesday 27 May 2008
by Wulf
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Wine Review – Durius Tempranillo

I took a trip to the nearest Majestic store on Saturday and picked up another case of wine, to help me continue my ongoing tasting experiments. The first was similar to a wine I had tried before: Durius Tempranillo 2005 … Continue reading

Monday 26 May 2008
by Wulf
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Yesterday’s gig with The Elusive Teeth, which I neglected to mention here, didn’t happen in the end. It turned out that the landlord had forgotten that we were meant to be on! He seemed rather preoccupied so, although he was … Continue reading

Saturday 24 May 2008
by Wulf
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I still have a large backlog of photos from my holiday earlier in the month (although the number is gradually being whittled down) but I couldn’t wait any longer to get out in the garden and document the abundant life … Continue reading