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New Tyres

I had to get two new rear tyres for our little red Daihatsu Cuore this morning. While on holiday last week I noticed that the tyre I had needed to inflate a little before we set off had gone down to the same level again. Closer inspection revealed a small nail embedded in the tread!

I had also noticed that one of the rear tyres had been a little down the previous time I had checked them so decided that this was not something that desperately needed fixing instead of spending a day out walking on Shropshire’s Long Mynd. We are committed to gentle driving anyway. However, it was only wise to attend to it on our return. The local tyre place didn’t have any in stock on Saturday but they came in yesterday and I went down for the start of play this morning.

What did surprise me was to discover that both of the rear tyres actually had small nails in. It could well have been the other one that was a little down on my earlier check. All fixed now though and the car should be safer for it.

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