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I am still using the spare keyboard this morning; the Mac one seems to be recovering but was still tending to produce random results (and to start typing nonsense, even without my help!) when I tested it last night.

Meanwhile, I have been musing on the idea of how I can keep up my daily blogging even when pressed for time, like I am this morning. I am still regularly using Twitter, which I can update easily, even from my mobile phone. I wonder if there is some way I can insert my tweets into my regular blog?

Even better, what if I came up with a protocol so that I could choose which posts were to be included as part of this microblogging and which were the ephemera of conversation, good for the moment but just confusing if they were left on my blog without context? There are already some codes in use. For example, if your tweet starts “@basswulf”, I get it flagged up as a reply. Starting a message “d basswulf” sends it as a direct message (not publicly visible but even more sure of attracting my attention). I also use the #hashtags idea from time to time.

If I picked an unused character (perhaps “>”), that could be used to filter out the posts I also wanted captured in my blog. Neat idea: now I need to figure out how to do it. It would certainly help me on mornings like this when I’m too busy to write another three or four paragraphs for my blog (whoops!).

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