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Sometimes simple ideas can make a big difference. Yesterday I saw a short video (sorry – I did not keep the link) about a project in Africa to pump water by using a merry-go-round. As the children play, their village gets fresh water pumped up from clean supplies underground rather than people walking a long way each day to get water from (frequently unclean) surface sources.

The idea shown above, a rubber cap fitted to one of my yale keys, is less life-saving but still very useful. It means I can distinguish between the key for the door of my house and the inner door to my flat even if I come home late at night after a gig or rehearsal. My Mum had a pack of several going spare last time we went to visit and it has proved a perfect solution to a problem that had vexed me for some time.

Therefore, I declare this as “Commend Ingenuity Tuesday”. Time for me to go and get ingenious with web programming at work!

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