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Shelf Crisis

I’ve had a busy weekend so did not get round to blogging yesterday. Most of the things taking up my time were good but one falls clearly under the category of a chore instead.

We have several vertical runners screwed to the wall in the front room, supporting shelves that house numerous books, CDs and a miscellany of other items. On Saturday I was shelving some books and noticed that one of the runners had come loose, creating a precarious situation.

I took off lots of books and tried a repair using filler, allowed to dry and then screwed into (including the holes I had formerly drilled but for some reason not used). It seemed to be secure but this morning I noticed the shelf leaning forward again. It looks like this evening I will have to clear a larger area and effect a more thorough repair, removing the runner entirely to make a better assessment of the available holes.

A chore, but better than risking the damage that could be caused by the weight of books tipping past the point of no return!

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