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A Visual Barrier I

Until recently I was using Desklickr to draw my desktop wallpaper from images on my Flickr account to the screen of my Mac. However, I was getting frustrated by two things. Firstly, it sometimes failed to establish a connection even when there was no apparent problem with internet access. Secondly, it frequently grabbed pictures of an unsuitable size and cropped them to fit. Sometimes this provided a fresh perspective on one of my photos but, more frequently, it was simply unsatisfactory.

I applied some thought and realised that using Desklickr was an unnecessary step in the first place, as all my photos are also found in my iPhoto library on the hard drive of the machine. I set the Mac to look there instead, which was when I discovered that, for all the visual pizazz of OS X, there appears to be no way to pick images of a suitable aspect ratio or constrain them to fit the screen.

I was shocked at this limitation and embarked upon a workaround but even that ran into problems, which I will describe tomorrow.

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