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Time Running Out

7Days:7 Time Running Out

Today is the final day of the latest run of 7 Days. As always, it has been a fascinating week – both an inspiration to my creativity and a wonderful time to look at what other people in the group have come up with.

Today I was rather pressed for time, then it struck me that time running out was a good theme to consider for the day. I ditched Plan A (pose in front of a bookshelf) and decided to head into the garden before the sun set too far. I was rather late on that front (hence the high ISO, wide aperture and slow shutter speed) but I thought the tomatoes offered a good prop.

Time was running out for my final 7 Days shot; time is also running out for my tomatoes, which are still green with October almost upon us. To be fair, I didn’t actually plant any tomatoes this year – these are all plants that grew from last year’s home-made compost – so even if I just get a green tomato chutney out of them I still come out ahead.

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