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Singing High

Last night’s gig went very well but it wasn’t the only singing and playing I did that evening. I’d also led a few songs and spoken at my church earlier in the evening.

Inspired by jamming around with an old friend the previous weekend, I decided to shift one of the songs up a tone. I’ve always been cautious about making things too high but, after listening to how things worked as he kept pushing his capo up the neck (and managing to not only sing but harmonise above his voice) I decided to give it a shot.

It felt like a revelation – all those years where I’ve kept things low in the grumble-voiced zone and here was a breath of fresh air. There are limits (in my earlier practise I’d taken the same song up a further tone and that was too high) but I am definitely going to be a bit more sceptical about the received wisdom of past key decisions and more willing to experiment with where I can push things up.

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