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Un historia de dos lavadoras

This post does not have much to do with Spain but I thought it was a neglected category on my blog and so managed to work out (without recourse to a dictionary, except to check my work) how to entitle this one A Tale of Two Washing Machines.

We have been without a washing machine for several months. Our previous one was repaired earlier this year, which cost about as much as buying a brand new machine, but then something else broke and we decided not to attempt to eke it out any more. Since then, Jane’s trips to help her Mum with shopping have also been our chance to catch up on our washing.

This week we were kindly given a replacement machine by a friend from church. Initially it seemed that it didn’t work but we now have it running and have done a couple of washes. The only problem is that it is loud – it sounds like a coffee machine on acid, running at stadium rock levels. Still, at least it is easier to keep up with the washing for the time being.

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