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Bass Damage – The Wallpaper

Bass Damage - Widescreen Wallpaper Remix

Recently I was sharing the story of the damage my Stagg electric upright bass suffered and my subsequent repair work. I am pleased to report that the gluing and reinforcing seems to have done the job; it has held up to several playing sessions and sounds as good as ever.

As I mentioned on Sunday, I was planning to do some more photography this week and last night took a group of images of the bass after being reminded of it is time for AdventReleased 2008. The colours in some of the images are vaguely Christmassy; moreover, I was reminded of the passage where Jesus reads from the scroll of Isaiah. That isn’t a common Christmas reading but, with a message of hope for the broken, it is all about the purpose of the Incarnation.

This morning I decided to adapt one of the images for my Linux box at work; this is running at a display resolution of 1440×900, for which the full size version of the image has been customised. I would rather have a bass without the damage but am making what I can of it as a source of inspiration!

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