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Cooking with Gas

The Urban Dictionary site defines the phrase “cooking with gas” (working very efficiently) but fails to give any attribution as to where it came from. I have a vague recollection that it was an advertising slogan but, if so, it failed: the truth of the phrase is self-evident and the product is long forgotten.

It came to mind this morning as I was knocking up some scrambled eggs to go with my bagel and salad using the electric hobs on the oven in my flat. It tasted alright but both the cooking experience and the result lacked the sizzle of working over a naked flame. I think the heat was on too low but, if I had turned it up, I couldn’t have instantly reduced it as the eggs and butter began to coagulate.

We have some glimmerings on the sale of our flat so may be starting house-hunting in earnest soon. I have been mentally listing desireable features, such as five acre garden and soundproofed rehearsal room (dream on!), but I think domestic gas goes right to the top of the list!

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