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Red, Gold and… Green?

As I mentioned on Saturday, I crunched through the snow and discovered the bibliophile’s delight that is Oxford Central Library. One of the books I picked up was a graphic novel containing Marvel’s Iron Man issues 12-38. This has been entertaining if somewhat corny at times.

One revelation, from #25, is that Iron Man had a role as an eco-hero. Despite the emphasis on technology, this story sees ole shell head teaming up with The Sub-Mariner, which provides a context for Iron Man’s alter ego, Tony Starke, attempting to persuade assembled industrialists to work together to prevent causing such problems.

That is one battle the hero doesn’t win though – the last member of the audience walks away commenting “… who knows what will really happen in ten or thirty years? … we’ve got plenty of time.” That is a line that sounds like it could have been written much more recently than May 1970!

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