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Tweet to Blog Revisited

Last month, I added a small addition to my website to spot entries on my twitter account (@basswulf) that matched certain formatting requirements and insert them into the blog. This provides me with a way to keep friends and family (the main audience for my blog) up to date even if they don’t subscribe to Twiter.

Earlier today it struck me that a useful enhancement would be to allow automatic tagging of the entries. I frequently use hashtags to give my tweets more chance of becoming part of the global conversation about different issues. A recent example is #uksnow, which Ben Marsh used to create a map of snowfall round the UK which is updated based on the reports people tweeted in.

I have plans to use the tags I have been appending to my blog posts for the past three and half years (24 July 2005 was the first time I tried it) to add a “related posts” feature that is more flexible than the list of categories at the top of the page. Now, thanks to a small tweak in my PHP code, any hashtags in my blogged tweets will be converted into post tags in the blog.

Of course, that means I now have to get round to working on the next feature!

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