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Béarnaise sauce

This evening, I treated myself to a decent steak for dinner and decided to accompany it with a béarnaise sauce (á la Nigel Slater, á la me!).

The essence of the sauce an emulsion of egg yolk and butter, with the addition of a flavoured-enhanced vinegar. I had an egg and some butter but was short on the other ingredients that Mr Slater recommended. My vinegar (cider vinegar) was reduced with some finely sliced onion, black peppercorns and some parsley. The egg yolk and vinegar are combined with some mustard (Mr Slater’s idea… although I only had grainy mustard and not dijon) in a bowl suspended over gently simmering water. My bowl didn’t fit too snugly though, so I ended up finishing it on a very low power in the microwave.

All in all, it was a tasty complement to the steak, and an idea I will try again. Meanwhile, time to go and blow up the microwave turning the left over egg wite into an improvised meringue!

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