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Bass Shopping in Oxford

After work today I popped into a couple of the music shops on Cowley Road to see what they had in the way of cheap basses. I wouldn’t mind adding an inexpensive instrument to my collection that plays well enough and which I would be happy to cycle round with on my back. I wasn’t really struck by anything in the right price range but it did give me a chance to get a feel for the shops.

The first one was The Music Box, which is a very small store, barely more than a hole in the wall. With the people running it behind the counter and one other person running it, things felt very cramped. I’ll probably pop in again again sometime but will need to find a quieter slot than 5pm on a Tuesday afternoon!

The other was PMT (Professional Music Technology) a bit further down the road. This is a much larger store – lots of stock and loads of space. They were very helpful in sitting me down with an amp and inviting me to try out what I wanted, which I did. Ten or more instruments later, I hadn’t found what I was after but I would definitely visit this store again.

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