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Power Down

We were beset by technical difficulties at work today. In the morning there were problems with the email system and in the afternoon there were major problems with the power supply. It seemed to be some kind of area wide blackout and a failure of the main generators! From what I heard, the theatres of the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital had time to finish the operation which was taking place but further operations had to be put on hold for a time.

It also meant that all the computers were down. Fortunately, although much of my work is online, I also have a well-stocked bookshelf (my own collection supplemented by borrowings from various local libraries. I would have been more productive if my computer had been available (after the first unexpected shut-down, I left it off until I was sure that full power was restored) but I was able to store up a good body of knowledge and ideas that will fuel my work tomorrow.

Books aren’t dead, even for someone like me, who is very used to being online.

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