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Thursday 30 April 2009
by Wulf
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Tonight I have been continuing with my preparations for Saturday evening’s debut gig with The Djinn. In particular, I have been nailing down the details of the cover song we will be performing and, in finishing off, I wanted to … Continue reading

Wednesday 29 April 2009
by Wulf
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Deciding to Walk

I’ve got to be out the house early this morning because I’m catching a train down to Southampton, where I will be spending the day visiting colleagues doing work in areas related to what I’m doing in Oxford. My original … Continue reading

Tuesday 28 April 2009
by Wulf
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Djinn Debut

This week, I am trying to get a lot of bass practise in to prepare for the inaugural gig of the new group I have been playing with up in Oxford, The Djinn. It takes place this Saturday evening, 2 … Continue reading

Monday 27 April 2009
by Wulf
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Earlyish Night

I think it’s time to put down the bass and get early(ish) night. Watch for some gig news tomorrow though. See my twitter feed to see more of my tweets and sign up to twitter to reply to @basswulf Technorati … Continue reading

Sunday 26 April 2009
by Wulf
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Cycling Skills

As I have mentioned several times (and shown evidence of yesterday) I have been doing a lot of cycling round Oxford. The basic skills came back very quickly and acceptable levels of stamina followed soon after but I don’t think … Continue reading

Saturday 25 April 2009
by Wulf
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My Favourite Picture, March 2009

You may have seen my favourite picture from March 2009 before when it featured as one of my 7 Days shots. I was trying to represent how the muscles on my legs have become more defined with all the cycling … Continue reading

Friday 24 April 2009
by Wulf
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Reading Around the World

As well as St George’s Day, yesterday was also World Book Day. Well, except in the UK, where we officially celebrated it on 5 March (and don’t seem to have bothered with also celebrating copyright – hurrah!); thanks to kind … Continue reading