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Deep to Deep – Ideas for 9 May

Deep to Deep

The next Deep to Deep is coming up fast (Saturday 9th May). Walking home after last night’s debut gig with The Djinn, I was pondering on what things we can cover.

It sounds like Andy will have his Stagg EUB with him and I’m planning on taking mine, so something about upright (and faux-upright on bass guitar) approaches will probably feature. I was also thinking around the idea of brainstorming a list of essential and desireable skills for the Christian bassist to develop. I don’t think that the general outline would be any different from what any well-rounded bassist should develop although I am open to correction.

Drawing up the list would be a start; the follow-up would be asking they assembled group what they need to develop or what tips they can pass on. Hopefully that would mean that everyone would come away either having learned some useful things or having had the chance to pass on some of their knowledge (which is an excellent way of testing and refining what you think you know). I have a few more days to mull over it but, for now, it is time to listening back to my recordings from last night.

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