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Deep to Deep – May 2009 Report

Deep to Deep

There were several firsts for yesterday’s Deep to Deep gathering. Some of those, like a new location (the beautiful building of All Saints, Crowborough) and new people were not unprecedented in the history of Deep to Deep. However, getting a short video from the day (see above – c. 60 seconds long) was a new thing; it was easier for me to take the video camera than my DSLR (I also took a couple of stills although not up to the standard I normally aspire to)!

The eight of us did some playing together, both improvised and (attempting) to sight read from a hymn score. We also talked around various topics, including thinking about what skills are essential (or at least desirable) to develop.

One of the other new things for the day was having two electric upright basses there (both Stagg basses, mine and Andy’s). Several people tried them out and it wouldn’t surprise me to see more in future – double bass works very well in a lot of church contexts and these instruments provide a playable instrument at an affordable price (and in a relatively storable, portable form).

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