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I mentioned yesterday that I now have a sat nav device. I have been thinking about getting one for a while but had a trip to Stansted airport to do a pick up. I am familiar with the route from London but felt a helping hand would be useful to get from Oxford to the airport. While doing my shopping in Sainsburys, I was able to pick up a Navman S50 3D and get a start on the world of digital navigation.

I didn’t get horrendously lost. In fact, the device was very handy, especially when I found the M25 very slow and decided to pull off earlier than originally planned. For a while it tried to guide me back but didn’t take long to recalculate and find me a way through to the next waypoint that would have been very tricky without this tool.

I hadn’t mastered it though. My settings had been for a short rather than fast journey and I found myself winding through country lanes round Bishop’s Stortford. It got me there and, it turned out, in plenty of time. However, I’ve now learnt how to set multiple waypoints and also how to preview a journey and add “avoid area” markers.

Therefore, I look forward to further travels with this tool and anticipate that, as long as I don’t rely on it for the driving intelligence I ought to supply myself, it should prove very useful.

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