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Saturday 31 October 2009
by Wulf
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Frying pan!

More work in the garden this morning, preparing some ground and planting out some rhubarb. I hope they will take — they have been hanging round for months and were very dry. If they don’t show any signs of life, … Continue reading

Friday 30 October 2009
by Wulf
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St John’s Wort

This morning I was up early and out in the garden. As well as my daily tasks of feeding and mucking out the chickens and emptying the compost from the kitchen (along with the contributions from the chicken coop), I … Continue reading

Wednesday 28 October 2009
by Wulf
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I came across a brilliant idea this morning for dealing with unwanted plants on a patch of land – rent a goat! Goats are wonderful creatures, blessed with a voracious appetite and multiple stomachs. Unfortunately, it probably wouldn’t do for … Continue reading

Tuesday 27 October 2009
by Wulf
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First Outing Follow-up

Sunday’s first outing with the blue electric guitar went pretty well. I need to do some more thinking about how to set things up so I can hear myself better without overpowering other people but I managed to make it … Continue reading

Sunday 25 October 2009
by Wulf
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First Outing

Today marks two things. Firstly, it is the end of British Summer Time so that means I am bright an awake an hour earlier than I would otherwise have been and enjoying the feeling of running ahead of time! Secondly, … Continue reading

Saturday 24 October 2009
by Wulf
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Down to London

Short trip back to the Smoke today, to see a friend and also pick up more of the things I have stored down there. See my twitter feed to see more of my tweets and sign up to twitter to … Continue reading

Friday 23 October 2009
by Wulf
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Different Muscles

I am reminded at the moment of how different forms of exercise require different muscles. My bike is currently out of commission; it has problems with the bottom bracket, rear axle, brakes and more, which make it unsafe to ride. … Continue reading