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Blue Guitar

Blue Guitar

Years ago I was given a broken old electric guitar, which I succeeded in making halfway playable as well as applying a black and blue paint job to. Truth be told, I didn’t do an excellent job of it and, while strummable, never qualified as a great instrument. Recently, I’ve had an opportunity to play some guitar at church in the weeks between my bassing but, on breaking out the old guitar for a test, I decided it really wasn’t up to the job.

Therefore, a quick tour of Oxford’s music shops later, I have invested in a new (second-hand) guitar. It has a much nicer finish, is very playable and comes equipped with a whammy bar. Of course, I’ll be very tasteful about how I use that at church (well, probably).

The old guitar is gone now, via Freecycle. Despite me laying out all its deficiencies, it was still snapped up in minutes. Time for me to get back to guitar practise!

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