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Last.fm is an online service that provides music to listen to and information about artists. For me, it’s killer feature is scrobbling — the ability to catch music I listen to on my computer (from the Last.fm site but also Spotify and my own collection via various media players).

You can see what I having listened to or even what I am listening to right now (if you catch me at the right time) on my profile page. As of yesterday, they have also rolled out a fascinating tool in their “labs” area that can display a graph of all that listening.

Has this got any practical use? Not particularly (although it is fascinating to see how what I have chosen to play changes over time). However, it is a brilliant demonstration of using a browser as a graphing tool. Oh, and it turns out that Magnus (magnuscanis on the “compare with” list) has listened to as much music as me but in only about a third of the time!

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