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The Problem With Audio Editing

I find it very useful to record rehearsals; it is an apposite way of taking notes of what needs to be worked on and to capture the state of a given song. Since getting a minidisk recorder several years ago, I have frequently used this technique and it has become even easier since getting a Zoom H2 towards the end of 2007.

The challenge is that I then need to find time to convert the raw recordings into a usable form. My editing tool of choice is Audacity, which is a fantastic little tool. However, it can not get round the problem that you cannot be sure what all your manipulations have done until you have listened to all your finished tracks.

Last night I created versions of my latest session with Peter and the Wulf only to find that one of the tools had been a bit too zealous in automatically adjusting the faders. That avoided overloud passages at the cost of several apparent flutters. Tonight’s reworking seems to have turned out better. Therefore, my two important Audacity lessons are:

  1. Listen to everything
  2. Don’t throw away the original recording until you have done the above
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