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What Buzzes?

I am still pondering the virtues of Google Buzz (following on from last month’s Buzz post).

At that point it was new and I had connected up several of the sites I use to post information but I have now unlinked everything. All those places, like Twitter and Flickr, already have readily available feeds that people can follow in a number of ways. They may not care to see them again and, to be honest, I’d rather not have my list of “buzz” cluttered with repeats from them either. If something was interesting (and it often is) I would probably have responded already elsewhere.

What I would really like though is an option to look at what the people I follow link to and decide which of those I would like to see. That would give me a list of what might interest me but without duplicates from what I’ve seen elsewhere. Likewise, I could link multiple streams to my Buzz account but be confident that it won’t be overloading my friends with duplication. Icing on the cake would be if I could also get notification of when someone uses Buzz to reply to the things I’ve chosen to ignore, so that I can partake if this become the space of choice for a particular conversation.

I hope Google will work on improving Buzz. Products like Reader and Mail have certainly been greatly enhanced over time. Mind you, I’m also hoping that Google Wave won’t languish forgotten — I still think that would be an excellent communication medium if only a few more people actually used it!

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