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I had a very pleasant week in Devon — too pleasant in fact to spend enough time on the computer to keep my blog safely up to date! I am back now though and getting back into the swing of more regular routines.

One thing I did manage to do during my time away was to work through a recording from a recent rehearsal with Peter and the Wulf and upload it to my SoundCloud account. What I neglected to do though was to remember to enable downloading so my fellow musicians could grab their own copies. I have now corrected this but that means, for a limited time, the whole world (including you) can benefit (if rehearsal quality recordings are of any interest!).

There is another folk session down at the Isis tonight, which Pete will be playing at although I won’t be able to make it. We are also due to play a gig there on Friday evening and I will post more details on times when I get them.

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