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I have used polenta for various things in the past, such as bustrengo and to spread under loaves while they rise to stop them sticking. More recently, I have begun experimenting with cooking with it in its own right.

I have found that 100g of polenta boiled in 500g of water (scale up as required) makes a good, thick blend. You keep it gently plopping away, stirring from time to time (leave the lid partly on between stirring as it can spit) and then pour it out into a greased container to set.

I have done this a couple of times. Firstly I left it plain then cut into squares, lightly floured them and fried them to get some browning. Those were served under a little garnish as a starter. This week I fried some leeks and added them to the polenta before pouring out. The resulting sheet was cut into chips which, again, I fried off before serving in a carbonara sauce. Both results were delicious — not the peak of flavour but an excellent (and inexpensive) side dish.

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