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Beans on Toast

I discovered that we had a rather large number of tins of beans sitting in the larder so, when it was my turn to cook last week, I tried to come up with some way of using them. My solution was beans on toast but with a twist.

First I fried off some sliced onions in the bottom of a roasting tin while at the same time toasting several slices of bread. The onions got distributed across two roasting tins and then quartered slices got divided between them. On top of this I added baked beans to cover, a thick sprinkle of polenta for the crust and some olive oil and worcester sauce to add further crispness and flavour.

Not the most exciting meal I have ever cooked but perhaps a touch more interesting than just serving plain old beans on toast (and accompanied by potato skins stuffed with a potato and cabbage mixture).

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