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Bolt-on Repair

A few weeks ago, I started noticing a squeaking sound from the back of my bike. It sounded like it was coming from near the axle and carried on whether or not I was pedalling. I tried making sure it was well lubricated, which didn’t make a lot of difference, and then I had a few days off the bike because I was unwell and not cycling into work.

My journey back last Friday was hard work and the noise was worse than ever. I thought I had lost my fitness but, when I got to work I realised that the heavy load of library books in my pannier had pulled the rack right over so it pressed against the wheel. That was when I realised that one of the holding bolts was missing and the one on the other side was almost out.

A mere 30p was all it took to get a replacement and now the rack is more securely fixed and the noise has gone. All in all, a pretty good repair!

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