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One of the benefits of moving to WordPress is that I get a built in tagging system. Previously I had manually been adding tags linking across to Technorati but that did not seem to add any particular value; somewhere along the line they changed their system and, for all that effort, my blog did not seem to be getting picked up even on obscure searches like peterandthewulf.

Perhaps their is an answer embedded somewhere on their site but despite several attempts to figure it out I got nowhere. You may have observed that I recently cut my losses back on my Blosxom blog and stopped adding the tags. Here, on the new blog, I can use tags to link sets of posts that have a common theme but do not form a large enough group to merit a category of their own and even get a tag cloud to play with.

That leaves me trying to figure out whether it is important to include the category name as one of my tags. This was my first instinct but, on reflection, it seems redundant. I think I will aim for a small set of categories, a vast cloud of tags and keep the two distinct. However, it is early days and I would be interested if anyone has any suggestions or preferences.

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