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One of the blogging habits that I have maintained consistently for several years is bookmarking my posts with my delicious.com account. This was a relatively straightforward way of providing a searchable, tagged index of my work and much more useful than the Technorati tags I recently abandoned.

However, in this new world of being a WordPress blogger, I am wondering if it is still a worthwhile activity? If the blog goes belly-up, the Delicious entries become dead links; if not, then WordPress offers a fully searchable and taggable interface built in.

There might be a small advantage if I was particularly interested in increasing blog traffic. Each post linked to from Delicious is another marker to my site as an authority. I am dangling some distance down the “long tail” of popularity and am not supporting my pages with advertising. I think I can afford to let go of this habit and win myself back another few seconds each day.

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