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What factors are leading me to consider WordPress?

  • My existing platform, Blosxom, doesn’t seem to have been maintained or updated for several years. It is also written in Perl, which is a scripting language I have only a basic grasp of, so I am not equipped to easily extend it myself
  • I think there are several aspects of my current set up that suck time away from either blogging or the other things that I want to devote myself to. In particular, areas such as managing draft posts and making use of tagging.
  • WordPress has a raft of plugins and themes that I can immediately draw on. Furthermore, being based on PHP and MySQL, I have skills that will let me get stuck into tweaking it to my own ends. This might benefit the wider community and will certainly enable me to give advice to friends on how to use it.

What I need to figure out is how to import all my previous work (getting on for 1,500 posts!) so that this corpus is together in one place.

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