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Become Wolverine?

Living in the Twenty-First Century is tremendously exciting. Things that were the purview of science fiction have passed into science facts and from thence to the shelves of stores (virtual and otherwise). For example, having just this week got the Kindle I ordered back in August, I loved the recent Kindle cartoon on xkcd.

Another item I have seen recently is new technology which involves replacing damaged bones with a titanium foam, which encourages regrowth of bone material much better than solid replacements. Marvel’s Wolverine, anyone? This stuff isn’t adamantium (still fictional, as far as I know) but also doesn’t require superhuman powers of regeneration to receive.

A quick scan of the literature (using knowledge gleaned from working in a department that does academic research into bones and the like) reveals plenty of related articles (eg. Singh (2010)) that show it to be more than just a vague idea spun out to fill a quiet news day and I am looking forward to finding out what my colleagues have to say about it. Meanwhile, I will continue loving being a 21st Century boy!

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