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Night Lights

Magdalen Bridge, Oxford at dusk. Traffic includes a bus, cars and a bicycle.

At least that guy has his lights on

I went to an interesting lecture after work yesterday, on “Trace Evidence in Forensic Science”. I might post more about that later this week but my point for today stems from the fact it was the first time I have cycled home in the dark for a while. Lights on and off I went.

What struck me — though fortunately not literally — was the number of other cyclists on the roads (and sometimes on the pavements) without any lights or, even more mystifyingly, with lights that were not switched on!

It takes a bit of forethought to keep some spare batteries with you and it is frustrating to end up pushing your bike home if your lights don’t work but that has to be better than creating the possibility that someone knocks you off because they really did not have much chance of seeing you.

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