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I took a risk with one of Jane’s presents this Christmas and bought her a board game. The gamble paid off and we have enjoyed playing the game, Pandemic, most days since. The aim of the game is to find cures for four deadly diseases before they engulf the world.

The game works with 2-4 players so we do not need to draft someone else in to join us. Unlike many board games, the minimum level of players works just fine as, rather than striving with each other the game is co-operative. In between each of your turns you also step into the role of infector and cause disease cubes to appear in further city.

I enjoy working together. Rather than trying to trick and defeat each other, you need to pull together with your fellow boardmates. The game may be a mute partner but it is far from easy to defeat. We have now reached the point where we manage to win most times but only on the easiest level. Even there, it remains finely balanced, with most victories still coming only just in time.

All round, a brilliant game and I must pop in next time I am passing the Gameskeeper (the Oxford shop where I bought it) to let them know that it turned out to be an excellent choice.

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