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A Head Full of Tunes

If you have looked at my Last.fm profile in the past few days, you will have seen a big boost in listening, most of which has been jazz and latin tracks. If you have really paid attention, you will have spotted that I have been focusing on a few tracks and running through versions by a diverse range of artists. Killer Joe ten times and before that Lullaby of Birdland fifteen times and so on.

The reason is that I have the opportunity of a jazz gig down at Keble College in the middle of next month and the first rehearsal is tonight. It is not exactly an audition as I understand that I’ve got the part (and I have enough experience to be confident that my playing will not be totally egregious) but it is a long while since I last had the chance of an extended jazz session and many of the tunes on the list are ones that I recognise by name but don’t have the familiarity that comes from performing them time and time again.

So, my self-prescription is lots of listening and, as a result, my head is full of tunes. I am looking forward to tonight and hope my fingers can keep up!