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Firefox Frustration?

I tried upgrading my Mac to Firefox 4 this morning only to discover that it requires at least OS X 10.5. Grrr! I’m now back to 3.6. I wish the requirements had been made more obvious in the download and install process. To be fair though, downgrading back to a usable version was straightforward, particularly the fact that all my plugins and add-ons survived the upgrade and downgrade without needing to be reinstalled.

So, although I am frustrated that I can’t use the latest version of Firefox at home and aware that security updates won’t keep coming forever for the 3.6 branch, my real gripe is with the fact that OS X 10.4 is out of date and can’t cope with an increasing number of programs. I am wary of upgrading because, to be honest, I don’t know how long it will be before something breaks on the hardware side in my Mac and, although OS X has some great features, it certainly isn’t the flawless experience that Steve Jobs would have you believe.

If I can find enough money to potentially buy a new computer as a fallback plan, I think it might not be too long before my Mac Mini gets the Linux upgrade I’ve been pondering for a while.