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The Taste of Britain

It was perhaps unintentionally ironic that the Toby Carvery Jane and I took her Mum out to for lunch today boasted “the taste of Britain” as one of the slogans on its wall. As far as I could tell, most of the staff were not of deeply rooted British stock, judging by appearances and name badges.

I do not think that matters; in fact, I think that Britain has made much of its success on the backs of others and, less imperialistically, through being a deeply mongrel nation. Just look at the English language for ample evidence of our global debts! I just think it funny that this self-appointed bastion of Britishness, which might have some appeal to the more nationalistically minded, is clearly supported by the labour of people from all over the globe (and, I am glad to report, also illustrated diversity among the clientèle).

Oh, and I don’t think I will need a full meal again until about Thursday!

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